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All About Personalized Magic Mugs

A Personalized magic mug is a mug that, when filled with a hot liquid, changes color. This effect is created by using a special oxidized ink.

Because of it color changing feature this mug is also known as color changing mug or Heat sensitive mug. In India some call it Hot Mug too.

How does a magic mug works?

“Thermochromism” is the principle on which color-changing mugs work. Since the term ‘thermochromism’ sounds a bit technical, the paint that they coat the mugs with is called ‘heat-sensitive paint’ – a paint that is sensitive to changes in temperature.

The working of a Personalized Magic Mugs is explained through this video :

Will only hot water activate the images on the magic mug?

Any hot liquid including hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, even soup will activate the magic mug.

 How long does the image last until it goes black again?

As long as the mug remains hot. Once cooled down it will change to its original color.

Are Magic Mugs safe?

Mugs are dishwasher safe, however, for best results and to maintain image quality, we highly recommend hand washing this product.

Are magic mugs microwave safe?

Mugs are microwave safe, however, the design may fade over time due to the heat exposure from the extreme heat of the microwave.

Do magic mugs comes only in black color?

No , they come in different colors like red,green, blue etc but they are not as effective as black magic mug.

How much does this mug weigh? And what is the capacity?

Magic mug weighs 11 oz. And capacity is 325 ml.

What is the material from which magic mugs are made from?


Can i order magic mug online?  What are the chances of breakage?

Yes you can order them online but the safety depends on the packaging.

Here, at a happy life we use a thermacol pack with cardbox box. Thus taking extra care of the packaging.

99% your mug will reach safely to you. Though we won’t deny that there are 1% chances of breakage.







What is the price of magic mug?

Magic mugs price range anywhere between 300 to 600 depending upon the quality  of mug.

How many photos can be printed on a magic mug?

We suggest 3  photos are sufficient for a mug. Though more photos can be added. More the photos on the mug smaller will be the size of the photos.

Finally , Where can i buy magic mug in India?

You can buy magic mug from our online store at a reasonable price.

In how much time will it be delivered to me?

It totally depends on the location you are from. We ship throughout India and it shall reach within 5-7 days .

A Happy Life is a Mohali (punjab) based company. So you can get magic mugs delivered to Chandigarh area within 24-48 hours. Chandigarh area here means tri-city ( Chandigarh – Panchkula – Mohali ).** T  & C applied.

Got more questions to ask about Personalized Magic Mugs?

Please feel free to comment your questions below and we shall answer them as soon as possible.

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