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Illuminate and personalize any room by photo LED clips string.

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Thinking of giving a makeover to that empty corner in your living area or giving a whole new look to your bedroom? Well, these photo LED clips string can blissfully transform & liven your space. Surround yourselves with pictures of people and places that make you happy.

Decorate your room and parties with your lovely pictures using our Photo Clip LED Fairy Lights. Also, these flexible wires can be easily bent, and because of that it’s easy to form a shape of your choice and can be placed anywhere. Simply clip your pictures or any other memories and give your home/space a bright and memorable decor.

Illuminate and personalize any room by photo LED clips string.

Photo clip string lights are the best option to decorate your memories in your way.

Hang pictures, notes, artwork, and more. With transparent clips, you can attach your wedding, honeymoon, family, or travel pictures in different ways.

Display Priceless Memories using Photo LED Clips String:

The string of LED lights is a very unique way to display pictures in your room. It can make the plain wall come to life with pictures of all the people and places that make you happy.

Elegance and Ambiance:

The soft-glowing, micro warm lights add a gentle touch of warmth to any space. The photo led clips to produce a cozy warm light and do illuminate pictures reasonably well to let off a tone of elegance and ambiance in your room.

Best suited for: 

Ideal for hanging photos, artworks, Perfect lighting decoration for living room, galleries and birthday, festival, party, stage, wedding, bedroom, night scenes, Diwali decorations, and other decorations, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

A perfect gift for loved ones to celebrate anniversaries, new year parties, and even valentine’s day celebrations. Although it’s a perfect party prop, however, can be used for any occasion or no occasion.

Add a charm to any room with this string of clip-lights, perfect for securing all of your favorite snaps.

This Photo Rope with LED Photo Clips is great for indoor use anywhere or outside in a covered area.

 Specifications For Photo LED Clips String:

  • Material: Silver PVC wire.
  • LED QTY: 4 Meters approx. – 20 transparent LED clips
  • Power source: Plugin 220V.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Photo LED clips string lights
  • 20 photos – 4×6 inches.
  • Photo quality:  High-quality photo paper.
  • Photos Customization: a thick white border is left where text can be printed or you can also write your own text later on if you want – just grab a marker pen. Or, full photos on 4×6 inches of area. Mention in notes or just get in touch with us for all the customizations.


Note:  You can also email us the pictures with your order ID to

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